Motorsport Malta Portal Accelerates into the Decade

As Motorsport Malta celebrates a decade at the forefront of the Maltese racing community, the revival promises plenty of new features to engage and excite motorsport enthusiasts. Established on the founder’s birthday in 2013, the platform is not just a website; it’s an independent portal providing various information for all things motorsport. The platform is set to introduce a host of offerings, including exclusive interviews, with educational content and an extensive list of features, making it a dynamic hub for all things related to motorsport.

Motorsport Malta is dedicated to providing the latest news and updates, ensuring that fans are well informed on upcoming events, race results and everything in between. The website becomes a one stop shop for enthusiasts, providing a focal point for the action taking place on the island. Enthusiasts can plan their weekends around exciting motorsport events, creating a calendar of races and experiences throughout the year. This addition not only retains fans, but also helps the local motorsports community by encouraging attendance and participation.

Local drivers take centre stage with a dedicated section giving them a platform to showcase their racing history, social media presence, sponsors, and other relevant information. Not only that but also provide the necessary promotion to the dedicated photographers and videographers that capture the best moments of our local drivers, including the dedicated marshals, race directors and stewards that dedicate their time for smooth and safe racing. This feature is instrumental value for drivers looking for sponsorship opportunities. Justin emphasizes, “It’s about giving our local talent the recognition it deserves”.

With the introduction of guest posts and stories, Motorsport Malta’s commitment to community building is even greater. Interested professional and industry stakeholders are invited to contribute their ideas, insights and experiences, and to enrich the portal with diverse voices and expertise. As the founder puts it, “Motorsport Malta is a collaborative effort, and we want to provide a space where everyone can participate in the conversation in a constructive and healthy way”.

Throughout the year, Motorsport Malta plans to unveil new features, and create a dynamic online ecosystem for motorsport enthusiasts. From interactive discussions to exclusive features, the platform is set to redefine the local digital motorsports experience.

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