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Neville Ciantar Prepares for King of France 24 Offroad Event

Malta’s own Neville Ciantar, better known in the offroad racing community as Nusu Offroad, is gearing up for the prestigious King of France 24 offroad event. In a heartfelt and candid Facebook post, Ciantar shared his excitement and the intense preparation involved in competing in one of Europe’s toughest offroad races.

Ciantar, who leads a family team supported by a few dedicated friends, proudly represents Malta with their budget race car affectionately named “The Goat.” Despite the challenges of limited resources and the extensive travel required, Ciantar’s passion for offroad racing remains undiminished.

“We are a family team from Malta, with a couple of helpful friends who live and work hard to be able to race abroad with our budget race car named ‘The Goat’,” Ciantar wrote. This year’s preparation for the King of France 24 has been rigorous, involving meticulous packing of essential parts, oils, camping gear, and fuel cans. “This week was all preparation for King of France 24, lots of boxes with parts, oils, camping stuff, fuel cans, etc.,” he added.

Ciantar’s unconventional approach to preparation, relying on his memory rather than lists, reflects his unique style and confidence in his methods. “I don’t believe in lists, I keep all in my mind. Maybe a bit slower but we get it done properly,” he noted. This year, Ciantar and his team have maximized their seat time by participating in every available race in Malta, pushing “The Goat” to its limits. Whether this will be advantageous or not remains to be seen.

The journey to the event itself requires dedication for Maltese teams to compete in European events. “After this long day of packing, now for a shower, and at 5 am we have to be at port. Malta to Pozallo, then drive 5 hours to Palermo and at 1 am on Monday, the ferry leaves to Genova,” Ciantar explained.

Despite the lengthy traveling, Ciantar’s love for offroad racing is evident. “Unfortunately, living in Malta takes lots of time to travel to Europe, but we love this so, Talk later!” he concluded.

As Neville Ciantar and his team prepares for their journey to the King of France 24, the Maltese motorsport community eagerly awaits updates on their progress. With “The Goat” ready to take on the challenging terrain, Ciantar’s passion towards offroading promise an exciting competition ahead.

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Neville Ciantar Prepares for King of France 24 Offroad Event

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