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Noel Galea Xaghra Hill Climb

Noel Galea Slashed Off His Personal Best at Xaghra Hill Climb

A few cars capture attention like Noel Galea’s fearsome Ford Escort MK2. Known across the international hill climb scene for its striking appearance and impressive performance, Galea’s Escort is a true standout. Yet, it’s not just the car that turns heads, Galea himself is a force to be reckoned with on the track.

Galea delivered an outstanding performance and stated on Social media, “Closing another round of Island Car Club Malta Hillclimb Championship at Xaghra Gozo. Improving more than 1.5 sec. over last year with a PB of 53.5 sec. and 7th overall. Best saloon and Best rear wheel drive. 1st in class and 1st in group.”

Galea achieved a personal best of 53.5 seconds, slashing over 1.5 seconds off his previous year’s time. This great improvement underscores his continuous development as a driver and his mastery over the ongoing progress of his car.

Recently, he made an upgrade by fitting a 750 Series camber kit from Race Products. This enhancement proved to be a game-changer, enabling him to shave another 1.5 seconds off his personal best. The impact of this upgrade was evident at the Mtahleb, where he finished third overall, proving continual pursuit of performance gains and his ability to adapt and improve.

Finishing seventh overall in a highly competitive field is a noteworthy accomplishment. Moreover, Galea’s Escort MK2 earned the best saloon and best rear-wheel-drive car, reflecting the vehicle’s superb engineering and Galea’s precise handling. Dominating his class and group, Galea secured first place in both categories, further cementing his status as a top-tier competitor.

Galea’s success in Gozo adds to his growing reputation. His Ford Escort MK2, with its distinctive looks and powerful performance, continues to be a favourite among fans and fellow racers alike. However, it’s Galea’s driving skill that truly sets him apart, with plenty of videos to watch on the internet, you’ll definitely be amazed by his abilities.

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Noel Galea Slashed Off His Personal Best at Xaghra Hill Climb

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Noel Galea Slashed Off His Personal Best at Xaghra Hill Climb

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