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Scicluna Back With Loads of Experience From Zuera

Zack’s debut at his first international karting event, returned from Spain with a wealth of experience and a renewed determination for future races. The event, held at the world-renowned Zuera circuit, saw him compete against seasoned local drivers and navigate the challenges of the longest karting circuit in the world.

Despite having less than one hour of practice time, Scicluna quickly learned the track, mastering the techniques required to handle both the circuit and the line up of 35 other karts. By Sunday, his performance had notably improved, showing his adaptability to execute plenty of overtakes.

“I absolutely loved the thrill!” Scicluna exclaimed. “Competing in Zuera amongst so many seasoned drivers on their home turf was such a great experience.”

However, the final races were marred by unsportsmanlike behaviour from other drivers, which ultimately cost Scicluna the race despite the offenders being penalized. “It was very disappointing,” he admitted. “While the results don’t quite reflect my performance, I’ve learned that this is often the reality in sports.”

Scicluna’s reflections on the event are filled with gratitude and optimism. “I come back home with amazing memories, a couple of bruises, and more determination to succeed in future races,” he said. He extended heartfelt thanks to his parents, Oliver and Charlene, for their constant support and the incredible opportunities they provide, and to Rueben Mifsud, who shared the emotional journey in Zuera. Scicluna also expressed appreciation for the R33 Racing – CRG Malta Team, who cheered him on from Malta.

A special thanks was given to Kalì Kart by Jorge Pescador for their exceptional setup, professionalism, and hospitality, as well as to his Spanish mechanic and friend Angel Tarraga. He also acknowledged Araujo for the engine and all his family and friends who supported him from Malta.

With his sights set on the future, Scicluna’s enthusiasm is undiminished. “I can’t wait for the next!” he declared.

Scicluna’s debut on the international karting stage has left an indelible mark, promising an promising and exciting career ahead for this young talent.

Scicluna Back With Loads of Experience From Zuera

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