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Simon Giordmaina Reflects on Challenging Debut in Tierp Arena

On the 15th and 16th of June, one of the leading names on the local motorsport scene, Simon Giordmaina, made his debut in Sweden as Crew Chief for Team Carbonera. They contested the Super Street Bike class at the revered motorsport venue, Tierp Arena, known for hosting various drag racing events.

Giordmaina, who recently visited Hungary to prepare for this event with Team Carbonera, brought valuable experience to the Swedish track. His preparations and hands-on approach with the bike in Hungary were vital in getting the team ready for this crucial race.

Following the event, we spoke with Simon Giordmaina, who shared his experience.

“To be frank, it was not the best of weekends. Actually, it was an expensive one, I must say, but this is all experience, and most importantly, we learn from whatever happened.

The engine dropped a valve on our last qualifying pass when we got a hand on the bike and were going quick, but the result was a messed-up engine. We installed a new engine and later discovered that the turbo impeller had smashed; even pieces of the valve came out through the exhaust, so we had to ease up.

Photo credits: Simon Giordmaina – Nitro Shutter

Success in motorsport does not always come, you cannot always win or achieve personal bests. This will make us stronger. Not great for us morally because you will not be in top shape after such an experience, but this is motorsport, and we’ll continue fighting every challenge.”

Simon Giordmaina Reflects on Challenging Debut in Tierp Arena

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