Simon Giordmaina: The Mastermind Behind Italy’s Quickest Racing Bike

Behind every successful driver and racing vehicle, there’s often a master tuner working tirelessly to perfect the machine. Among these virtuosos stands Simon Giordmaina, a name synonymous with excellence in racing motorbike tuning.

Giordmaina’s expertise extends from local drag strips to international, where his skills have earned him a reputation as one of the finest tuners in the business. His latest triumph took him to Hungary, where he worked with an esteemed Italian team to fine-tune what is now hailed as the quickest and fastest Italian motorcycle to date.

The project was no small feat. Giordmaina meticulously prepared a Suzuki Hayabusa turbo, a formidable machine renowned for its speed and agility. But it wasn’t just about the bike’s raw power; it was about unlocking its full potential. With his expertise, Giordmaina implemented a new engine combination and a methanol setup, pushing the boundaries of performance even further.

The journey to perfection took them to the Kunmadaras Arena, where every tweak and adjustment was put to the test. Dyno sessions revealed newfound power, validating Giordmaina’s expertise in optimizing engine performance. But true validation came on the track, where the Carbonera Racing Team, under the leadership of Luca Carbonera, witnessed their machine soar to new heights.

As they gear up for the first race of the FIM European Championship in Santa Pod, scheduled for the 26th, 27th, and 28th of May, Giordmaina’s meticulous craftsmanship has laid the foundation for success, instilling confidence in both the team and the machine they’ll be piloting.

Central to this success is Giordmaina’s mastery of engine management systems. With the MaxxECU under his command, he fine-tuned every aspect of the bike’s performance, ensuring optimal power delivery and responsiveness. It’s this attention to detail that sets Giordmaina apart, elevating him to tuning greatness.

But perhaps what truly distinguishes Giordmaina is his expertise from an island with limited resources yet still successful which continues to prove that Maltese are still capable of doing results irrelevant to the resources. To him, tuning isn’t just a profession; it’s a lifelong pursuit of excellence. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of performance knows no bounds, driving him to constantly innovate and refine his techniques.

Simon Giordmaina: The Mastermind Behind Italy’s Quickest Racing Bike

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