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Simon Giordmaina to Make His Debut as Crew Chief in Sweden with Team Carbonera

This weekend, on June 15th and 16th, Simon Giordmaina, a well-known figure in the local motorsport scene, will make his debut in Sweden as a Crew Chief for Team Carbonera. The team will be competing in the Super Street Bike class at Tierp Arena, a renowned motorsport venue known for hosting drag racing events.

Giordmaina, who recently traveled to Hungary to prepare for this event with Team Carbonera, is set to bring his expertise to the Swedish track. His preparation and hands-on approach with the bike in Hungary, as highlighted in our previous articles, have been instrumental in ensuring the team is ready for this critical race.

A Landmark Event

This event marks a significant milestone for Giordmaina, as it is his first time in Sweden. His role as Crew Chief is pivotal, involving the coordination of all technical aspects of the bike’s performance. The Super Street Bike class is known for its intense competition, featuring bikes that achieve speeds of up to 233 mph and complete the quarter-mile in under 7 seconds. These bikes, though appearing as street machines, are finely-tuned racing beasts capable of extraordinary performance.

The Super Street Bike Class

The Super Street Bike class is one of the most thrilling categories in drag racing. It features heavily modified motorcycles that retain a street-legal appearance but are equipped with advanced performance enhancements. Competitors in this class are often seen pushing their limits, with multiple riders achieving times in the 6-second range at speeds over 230 mph. This weekend’s event at Tierp Arena another show of speed.

Team Carbonera’s Prospects

Team Carbonera, with Giordmaina at the helm of their technical team, is poised to make a strong impression. The team has been diligently preparing for this event, focusing on optimizing the bike’s performance to handle the demanding conditions of the Tierp track. Giordmaina’s extensive experience and recent preparations in Hungary are expected to be crucial factors in their performance.

Simon’s participation in this event underscores the growing influence of Maltese talent in the international motorsport arena. His journey from Malta to Hungary and now Sweden is a proof of his expertise, dedication and passion for the sport.

Simon Giordmaina to Make His Debut as Crew Chief in Sweden with Team Carbonera

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