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Terence Vella Triumphs in a Close Competition at Xaghra Gozo

The fourth round of the Malta National Hill Climb Championship took place in the picturesque setting of Xaghra, Gozo, delivering an other intense round. The event, marked by fierce competition and very close margins, which definitely kept the spectators in excitement.

The event was held under less-than-ideal weather conditions, with slight rain contributing to slick roads and reduced visibility followed by heat and humidity, making the conditions even more demanding for the drivers. Despite these hurdles, the competitors adapted to the conditions.

Terence Vella emerged victorious by getting his first overall of the season, making the championship more competitive in his Radical to a stunning finish with a time of 50.581 seconds. His performance edged out Christian Azzopardi, who clocked in at 50.612 seconds. Azzopardi, currently leading the championship, made a narrow margin between him and Vella even more remarkable. Domenic Zammit secured the third spot on the podium with a time of 51.402 seconds, closely followed by Mark Micallef, highlighting the high level of competition. Martina Caruana crowned the fastest female competitor with a time of 69.132 seconds.

After his victory, Terence Vella expressed his gratitude, saying, “Always a big thank you goes to my father for the nonstop work on the car to try and get it better every race. Paul Sheehan for all the help with the car preparation, Jeffrey Chappell for the help on the day, and my wife Pearl Vella Haber for being patient with me and the mental support.”

The presence of new drivers on the podium has injected fresh excitement into the championship, promising more tense races ahead. The close times among the top competitors underscored the intense rivalry and high competition, which is what the spectators want.

In addition to the overall podium finishers, various category winners won their respective classes.

Rear Wheel Drive
Noel Galea dominated in his powerful Escort, finishing with a time of 54.135 seconds.

Front Wheel Drive
Didier Bugeja in his Peugeot, completed the course in 56.420 seconds.

Four Wheel Drive
Josef Calleja emerged victorious with a time of 73.137 seconds.

Fastest Classic
Roberto Gauci claimed the title with a time of 60.429 seconds.

Fastest Street
Konrad Abela finished first in this category, clocking in at 58.276 seconds.

Fastest 60+
David Grech triumphed in the over 60 category, finishing with a time of 62.480 seconds.

Fastest Under 25
Nicholas Micallef was the fastest young driver, completing the course in 59.759 seconds.

Guest Class
Evan Abela Scolaro topped this category with a time of 63.639 seconds.

Drifting Class
Max Fenech, in collaboration with the Malta Drifting Club, won the drifting class with a time of 68.281 seconds.

Photo credits: LJ Automotive Photography

The Malta National Hill Climb Championship continues to grow in intensity and excitement, with each round bringing new challenges and close competition. The Island Car Club, organizers of the event, encourage fans to stay tuned for announcements about the next round. For the latest updates and information, follow their social media pages.

The battle for the top positions is set to become even more heated, promising more intense hill climb action for motorsport enthusiasts.

This event couldn’t be possible without the heroes beyond the track: the officials, marshals, helpers, sponsors, and everyone else behind the scenes. Their tireless efforts and dedication are the backbone of the championship, ensuring every race is a success.

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