The Third Round of the Malta National Hill Climb Championship 2024 Set to Thrill in Bahrija

Preparations are ready, drivers preparing their cars and posting their excitement on social media as the stage is set for the third round of the Malta National Hill Climb Championship 2024. On the 28th of April, the picturesque slopes of Bahrija will play host to another showcase of local racing talent, promising another spectacle for motorsport enthusiasts and competitors alike.

But before diving into the excitement of the upcoming round, let’s take a brief look back at the action from the first two rounds of the championship.

Round 1: Mtaħleb

The championship kicked off amidst the rugged beauty of the legendary Mtaħleb hill, with fifty-nine entries spanning various classes. Mark Micallef emerged as the frontrunner, showcasing his well prepared Norma M20 Mugen. Notable performances included Noel Galea’s dominance in the rear-wheel-drive category and Didier Bugeja’s triumph in the front-wheel-drive category with his Peugeot 106.

Round 2: Girgenti

The scenic backdrop of Girgenti provided the stage for the second round, where 63 entries battled challenging weather conditions and demanding terrain. Christian Azzopardi claimed the top spot, maneuvering his Group 5 Radical Clubsport with glory. Notable victories included Didier Bugeja’s continued success in the front-wheel-drive category and Josef Calleja’s skillful performance in both the 4-wheel-drive category and street class with his Subaru Impreza.

Round 3: Bahrija

Now, all eyes turn to Bahrija as the championship reaches its third round. With the previous winners setting the bar high, anticipation runs high as spectators eagerly await to witness the next possible winner. Will Mark Micallef maintain his momentum and secure another victory, Christan Azzopardi or will new challengers rise to claim the coveted title?

Spectators are invited to join in the excitement and witness the local talent take on the twists and turns of Bahrija hill. As one of the most beloved motorsport disciplines in Malta, hill climbing promises an other experience for all who attend.

With the support of dedicated organizers, generous sponsors, and the passion of competitors, the Malta National Hill Climb Championship continues to captivate audiences and showcase the best of Maltese racing talent.

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