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Jessica Calleja ROK Cup Round 4

Tough Challenge for Jessica Calleja in ROK Cup at South Garda

The highly anticipated ROK Cup Round 4 at South Garda has come to a close, marking another milestone in Jessica Calleja’s karting career. Despite a weekend that didn’t quite go as planned, Calleja kept her head high in the face of challenging conditions and very competitive grid.

Throughout the training sessions, Calleja steadily improved her lap times, adapting to various weather conditions with the support of her team, Di Pietro Racing. The team’s effort in fine-tuning the kart setup ensured that Calleja remained competitive among the 53 drivers.

However, the competition proved to be intense and unpredictable. Both manche sessions were marred by accidents, necessitating the deployment of the yellow flag for several laps. These interruptions disrupted the race flow and added to the challenge of securing a favorable position. Despite her best efforts, Calleja narrowly missed qualifying for the final race by just three places.

Her performance across the event reflected both the obstacles faced and the progress made:

Qualifying Group 2: P21
Manche 1 Group A: P27
Manche 2 Group A: P25
Overall Finish: P39

Calleja’s will to push through the difficulties is evident in her approach to this race as another valuable experience in her karting journey. “This was another experience in my karting journey, and it only helps me to keep going forward along my own journey,” she remarked.

Jessica extends her gratitude to her sponsors, whose support plays a crucial role in her continued participation and development in motorsport. Special thanks go to Enemed System X Ceramic Coating Malta, Alter Domus Careers, Good Earth Distributors Limited, Alberta Group, and Naturannis Natural Skincare Ritual.

As she looks ahead to future races, Calleja remains committed to honing her skills and achieving greater success. The challenges faced at South Garda have only strengthened her resolve to keep moving forward and striving for excellence in her karting career.

Tough Challenge for Jessica Calleja in ROK Cup at South Garda

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