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Travis Borg Stringi’s Weekend at the ESBK Spanish Championship Premoto 3

A Rising Maltese Star in the World of Motorsport

Travis Borg Stringi, a young and talented Maltese motorcyclist, continues to make waves in the competitive world of motorsports. Over the weekend, Travis continued to show his ever growing talent at the ESBK Spanish Championship Premoto 3, an event that stands as one of the most prestigious in the category today.

Travis began his journey on motorcycles at the tender age of six, training under the watchful eye of his father. With no suitable circuits in Malta, Travis and his father often visited an RC circuit for practice. By the age of ten, Travis was racing in motocross at the ASMK in Ta’ Qali, the sole motorcycle track in Malta, with occasional trips to Gozo. His talent quickly became apparent, leading to several victories in motocross racing.

Recognizing his potential, his father entered him into the CNV Sicily Championship 300 class, where Travis triumphed as the champion in the 2021/2022 season. This success prompted the family to move to Spain to enhance his training further. Adaptation to online schooling was necessary for Travis to balance his education with his burgeoning racing career.

Last year, Travis competed in the MIR Racing Cup in Spain, finishing an impressive 4th overall. This year, he has taken on the ESBK Spanish Championship, demonstrating his growth and commitment to the sport.

In the recent round at Estoril, Travis delivered an exceptional performance. He qualified in first position and finished fourth in both races, with a breathtaking photo finish in the second race, just 0.072 seconds from first place. This performance underscores Travis’s competitive edge and potential for future success.

Reflecting on the weekend, Travis stated, “I had a great time battling with the front pack with my best race lap of 1:50.083. This year’s pace was really high level. Now, let’s relax and recharge for Montmeló.” His parents expressed immense pride in his achievements, highlighting the dedication and hard work that have brought him to this point.

Travis’s impressive results at Estoril signify not just a successful weekend but also a promising future in motorsports. Borg’s achievements add to the growing list of Maltese success stories in international motorsport, showing that with talent, dedication, and support, even those from small countries such as ours, with lack of resources, can make a significant impact on the global stage.

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