University of Malta Racing Prepares for Formula Student UK 2024

In a recent announcement that sent excitement through social media, the University of Malta Racing team declared, “Silverstone… WE ARE BACK!” This marks a return to the track as they gear up for the Formula Student UK 2024 competition.

Set to take place from 17th to 21st July 2024 at the iconic Silverstone Circuit in the UK, this event promises to be another year of competitive racing and engineering skill. What makes this year particularly special is the University of Malta Racing team’s debut in the EV24 category, marking their first foray into the Electric Powertrain Class.

Months of preparation and dedication have culminated in this momentous announcement. The team has been crafting their entry, dubbed the EV24, to compete against the best and brightest from universities around the world. Leading the charge is a partnership with Malta Enterprise, a driving force behind the island nation’s economic growth and innovation.

With precision and dedication, the technical team has been hard at work ensuring that every aspect of the EV24 meets and exceeds the stringent competition regulations. Thanks to Matotech by Seifert Systems, the team has equipped the EV24 with state-of-the-art CNC machined drivetrain mounts crafted from Aluminium 6082-T6, providing the stability and reliability needed to tackle the challenges of the track.

But the journey to Formula Student UK 2024 wouldn’t be possible without the support of key partners. Empav Engineering LTD and Tek-Moulds Precision Engineering Limited have played instrumental roles, contributing vital components such products are instrumental in manufacturing these critical parts, turning the team’s vision into a reality.

The team extends its heartfelt gratitude to Fabian Enterprises Ltd, a longstanding supporter whose commitment to innovation and reliability has powered their journey from the outset. As a leading importer of electronic and electrical components, Fabian Enterprises’ contributions have been invaluable in shaping the EV24 into a formidable contender on the track.

UOM Racing is Malta’s sole Formula Student team, dedicated to designing, funding, and constructing Formula-style race cars that compete against universities worldwide.

As a student-based Voluntary Organization, UM Racing comprises approximately 25 dedicated members hailing from various faculties within the University of Malta. Together, they embody a spirit of collaboration and innovation, pushing the boundaries of engineering excellence.

Throughout their journey, UM Racing has amassed an impressive array of achievements, showcasing their talent and dedication on the international stage:

  • 3rd Overall at Formula Student UK 2022
  • Best International Team at Formula Student UK 2022
  • Endurance Event winners at Formula Student UK 2022
  • 5th in Acceleration and Skid Pad at Formula Student UK 2022
  • 7th in Sprint at Formula Student UK 2022
  • 9th in the Engineering Design Event at Formula Student UK 2022
  • 5th in Cost Report (Concept Class) at Formula Student UK 2021
  • 2nd in Cost Report at Formula Student Italy 2017
  • 9th in Cost Report at Formula Student Italy 2015
  • 5th in Cost Report at Formula Student Italy 2014
  • 6th in Acceleration at Formula Student Italy 2014
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