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Vella and Camilleri Dominate Second Round of Malta National Sim Racing Championship

The Level of Sim Racing in Malta is Rising

The Malta National Sim Racing Championships saw an exciting and intense second round on Saturday at the World Pro Racing facility in Montekristo Estates. The event, featuring the demanding Oulton Park circuit and the BMW M4 GT3, was broadcast live on TVMSPORT+. This round showed another level of competition, underscoring the rapid growth of sim racing talent in Malta.

GT3: Dean Vella’s Dominant Return

Despite missing the first round, 2022 National GT3 Champion Dean Vella made a triumphant return, securing first place with minimal practice. Vella’s performance was a result to his exceptional skill and improvement built up along the years in sim racing. In a post-race interview, he emphasized his commitment to putting in more practice for future rounds to compensate for the points lost in the initial round.

Vella’s victory was hard-earned, as he faced stiff competition from fellow racers. Anton Mifsud, who struggled with a 30-second stop-and-go penalty for speeding in the pit lane, still posed a significant challenge. Nathan Mifsud, consistently on the podium in both rounds, is proving to be a formidable contender as well.

This round showed an increasing performance from all drivers. Anton Mifsud’s unfortunate penalty didn’t deter his resolve, and he remains a serious threat to Vella. Nathan Mifsud’s consistent podium finishes indicate he’s ready to challenge for the top spot, while other drivers are steadily improving, although they’ve yet to break into the top tier.

Formula 4: Intense Rivalries and Dramatic Moments

The Formula 4 races were equally exciting with round 2 being nailbiting to watch, with Keith Camilleri under constant pressure from his rivals. Matthew Scerri’s performance was particularly impressive, providing the audience with an exciting show. Brandon Tabone, noted for his speed and experience, and Brandon Bonello, who narrowly missed the podium, added to the competitive atmosphere. Aaron Debattista faced significant challenges, including a major crash that required lengthy repairs. Despite his frustrations, Debattista’s determination to finish the race demonstrated commendable sportsmanship and professionalism.

The second round of the Malta National Sim Racing Championships left spectators and commentators breathless with excitement. With three rounds remaining, the competition is heating up, promising more intense and thrilling races. All drivers are vying for the ultimate prize: the chance to represent Malta at the FIA Motorsport Games in Valencia this October.

As the championship progresses, the level of competition and the dedication of the drivers will undoubtedly continue to rise, making each race a must-watch event.

Vella and Camilleri Dominate Second Round of Malta National Sim Racing Championship

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Vella and Camilleri Dominate Second Round of Malta National Sim Racing Championship

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