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Zach Zammit Shelsley Walsh Round 3 2024

Zach Zammit Set to Compete in the British Hillclimb Championship

A Return to a Legendary Venue

Malta’s motorsport star, Zach Zammit, is gearing up for an exciting weekend as he heads to the UK to compete in the third round of the British Hillclimb Championship. This prestigious event will take place at Shelsley Walsh, the oldest active motorsport venue in the world, renowned for its challenging course and rich history.

Zammit is no stranger to Shelsley Walsh. Last August, he set a personal best time of 24.22 seconds in the K2 class, a mere 1.85 seconds shy of the fastest ever run up the hill, which stands at 22.37 seconds set by Sean Gould. Reflecting on his previous performance, Zammit stated, “In August last year, I won my class, but this is my first time racing this year so I just want to make sure the car is good and get up to speed slowly.”

Zammit’s vehicle, the Empire Wraith, a lightweight, high-performance machine built in 2019. Weighing in at just 350kg, the Wraith is powered by a Suzuki Hayabusa 13 turbo engine running on methanol, capable of producing up to 375bhp. This powerful combination makes it a formidable contender in the hillclimb events.

This season, Zammit is sharing his car with Will Loughridge, an Irish Hillclimb champion. Loughridge purchased half the ownership of the car at the end of last year and is now embarking on his first full season with the Empire Wraith. Their collaboration adds an intriguing dynamic to the competition, with both drivers aiming to push the car and themselves to new heights.

“In my class, we are 6 or 7 drivers,” Zammit mentioned, highlighting the competitive nature of the K2 category. Despite the stiff competition, Zammit remains focused on fine-tuning his car and gradually building up his speed over the course of the event.

Shelsley Walsh is not just a test of speed but also of skill and precision. The hillclimb course demands the utmost concentration and control from its drivers, with its steep gradients and tight corners. For Zammit, this event is an opportunity to gauge his performance, ensure the car’s reliability, and gradually return to peak racing form.

Zammit’s participation in the British Hillclimb Championship not only showcases his talent but also puts Malta on the map yet again in the world of motorsport.

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Zach Zammit Set to Compete in the British Hillclimb Championship

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Zach Zammit Set to Compete in the British Hillclimb Championship

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