Zack Scicluna Off to Zuera in Spain

It’s all about embracing the challenge and seizing the opportunity

Zack Scicluna is preparing for yet another chapter in his racing journey, this time venturing off to Zuera, Spain for the CEK Finetwork Spanish championship with Kalì Kart by Jorge Pescador.

For Zack, this journey represents more than just another race. It’s a continuiation of his karting progress and building upon his track time as he tackles the 1.7km track for the first time with just a single day of practice. What awaits him is not just a circuit of asphalt, but a battleground where he’ll compete against a number of talented drivers, many of whom are locals, entrenched on their home turf.

But Zack is no stranger to challenges. He’s well prepared for what to come with the territory, including simulation training that gave him ample time to get to know it virtually prior going there. A new team, a new kart, a new engine, and a new tire compound – each element adds to the complexity of the task ahead. Yet, instead of being daunted, Zack sees this as an opportunity to become stronger under pressure.

“It’s all about embracing the challenge and seizing the opportunity,” Zack remarks, his voice brimming with determination. For him, every experience at the track presents a chance to learn, grow, and excel. It’s a mindset that has propelled him forward in his racing career, allowing him to thrive in the face of adversity, with the shadow of his parents and the team.

The tension and excitement among fellow racers, the adrenaline rush before the start, the sheer joy of pushing himself to the limit – these are the moments that boosts his passion for kart racing.

But beyond the thrill of competition, Zack recognizes the importance of having fun. “Let’s have some fun!” he exclaims, his eyes alight with excitement. For him, racing is not just about winning trophies or about the position, it’s about the pure joy of chasing a dream and doing what he loves most. He carries with him the hopes and dreams of his supporters back home in Malta.

Zack Scicluna Off to Zuera in Spain

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