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Zane Pace Dominates In Italy With Record-Breaking Performance

Maltese driver Zane Pace set a new record time at the Circuito Vincenza Ispica in Italy in the Mini GR.3 category, performing in optimum pace with a well deserved win. Pace showed his outstanding talent by taking the best time of both sessions for a pole position with a huge gap and then confirmed first place in both the pre-final and final races.

Pace’s exceptional performance made a lasting impression, so much so that his father was really proud and pleased with his son’s performance. “He was at his absolute best this weekend,” Pace’s father said as it marked the best form Zane had shown in the entire event. The Mini GR.3 category featured 11 competitors, including Eli Xuereb of Malta, who finished 6th. With such a heavy Italian presence and lack of practice from the Maltese drivers, both Zane and Eli were praiseworthy for their races.

It’s a significant result for Zane Pace and builds his name further into the racing circuit, which brings pride to the Maltese motorsport community.

Zane Pace Dominates In Italy With Record-Breaking Performance

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